Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Flew By

This month is a blur. I have been so busy and so not busy all at the same time. The first week started out with a minor car accident, which ended up with only a dent in my husband's car, but I had horrible back pain for over a week. Slightly scary, but it feels ok now.

I did a lot of house watching and doggy sitting this month... Dogs that moved and wiggled.

I seem to be getting tattooed every July... 
My baby cousin Nicholas turned 1! He's so handsome.
Brunch at Melt. I know this isn't food, its Elinor. But she's pretty tasty. 
She is beautiful and perfect in every way.
Josh had flowers delivered to me at work! It was a few days before my birthday, but the kids in my classroom were super excited and spent the afternoon smelling them as they walked by.
July 4th breakfast with Elyse. Who said it was too early for pictures.
Birthday drinks.
Super into yellow lately. Which I used to never even like. 
But a bright yellow chair with chevron?! An ombre antique dresser?!
Yes, please and thank you.
Visit to Washington Park. It was the perfect sunny but not too hot day. 

Being the clumsy girl I am, I tore a ligament after stepping on a tennis ball last week. The foot has been bruised and looks horrible, which has been making getting around a little hard. 

A letter from addressed to me from Hogwarts.
 Green ink and signed by McGonagall and everything! I geeked out big time.
My birthday means I'm officially 27. Strange how each year seems to go faster then the last. I'm glad I spent it with my closest friends (Whoops Caitlin, I didn't get a picture of you! Ellie looks enough like you though) and my mom. Boy, did I eat more desserts than I should have! 
Only 18 more days until I'll be with Josh again. Can't wait to see where my 27th year takes me!