Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't bug me

i scored a zara tank from snooty fox yesterday, as well as some other adorable items. love how i only go to look and then end up finding things i can't part with. this has little bugs on it, and the bright kelly green i'm loving lately. what color do i not love these days? 
i painted a tray orange this past weekend. i've always had a dislike for orange, but it suddenly has grown on me so much the past few months. funny how tastes change. 
and skin thickness.
now that i am writing to Josh daily, it gives me reason to reflect on decisions i made that day, conversations i had, mostly food i ate. i love knowing how adult i feel now. odd how being married makes a difference. i'm still shy, somewhat panicked and unsure when dealing with confrontation, but i find myself handling it in a way a younger me would be proud of. unfortunately this skill has been used at work and with my family recently, but i'm ok with that. i keep reminding myself i'm an adult and i can be kind and make my voice heard. even though my ears are always incredibly red after.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Butterfly Show and Friday night...

      Before we knew that the dates had been extended for this years' butterfly show, Allison and i made plans to go. i had been on a field trip outside all day and was hot and exhausted but i had fun. Spent awhile relaxing on the bench just watching. They had changed the rules a bit, they encourage you to only try to get the butterfly on the paper flower provided, so there were many more butterflies than anytime i've ever gone. Guess not so many people touching them helped.
Friday Paighton and I went to the Farmer's Market at Harvest Home (bought natural bug spray, hope it works!) and let Pai ride rides at the festival next door. She choose sushi for dinner, seriously never has there been a child who gobbles that stuff so quickly, then she finally got me to take her to putt putt golf. i had fun, and i'm horrible at it. Our scores we pretty close. Ha.