Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A honeymoon, 6 months after pt.2

Our second morning started with a long walk to donuts and coffee. And me forcing Josh to let me take pictures of him. I kept saying "I need your picture or it ruins our vacation!" He eventually let me, since I let him take pictures of me like this. The bear was very frightened.
We made it to the first tram ride in Ober Gatlinburg, which was beautiful. 
The day I was packing Josh made sure I knew to bring warm clothes and reminded me that I wouldn't have fun if I was cold (I'm ALWAYS cold). Well both days it was sunny and in the 70s and I was sweating. And I had nothing but thermals, sweaters, cords, knee high socks, and boots. Womp.
Somehow this guy talked me into getting into the creek. 
The leaves were the brightest and most colorful I've ever seen! 

After our lunch and walk in the creek we were driving and saw a dog trying to cross a busy street.We pulled over and a sweet puppy came right over to us. He wasn't wearing a collar so I called a non-emergancy police department number who connected me with a no kill shelter called PetsWithout Parents. When we got there we discovered the dog ( who we nicknamed "Charlie") had 
a chip, but it had not been registered. Apparently a lot of dogs are not and not much can be done if
they are ever lost :(  Since Charlie was still there when we left, we stopped and brought him a toy, 
took him on a walk, and donated some money wishing we could do more. 
I hope that our little puppy friend finds his family, Josh hopes that he will be able to go back and 
pick him up. So I really hope he finds his family!

Monday morning we had another trip into the mountains. And a stop (the third stop, my husband is obsessed) to buy cider and caramel apples for home. 
I think it was great that we finally had time just for us for a few days since he left this week for training.  Can't wait for the next vacation already!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A honeymoon, 6 months after pt.1

                                 Well... we finally took a few days to spend time together.
And being that it was our first trip since getting married, 6 months after getting married, a mini honeymoon?
Josh and I drove (ok, he drove) ... to Gatlinburg, not getting there until super late Friday night. We woke up early (I woke first and pestered him awake, as usual) and started the morning with a walk to Flapjack's and I tried the s'mores pancakes. So much sugar. And I loved drinking from the mason jars.

We went to the outlet mall ( J.Crew factory, woo!) and made it to an exotic petting zoo. Which had mostly regular petting zoo guys, but some odd ones also. I was pretty tickled by the whole thing and Josh took pictures of me the whole time giggling. 

Camels, horses, ponies, donkey, zebra, zonkey (?!), emus, goats, pigs, reindeer, and a few others.
I loved that zebra and Josh was pretty excited about the kangroo. Who looked super furry and cuddly, but was not into getting his picture taken.
After lunch at AppleBarn (best apple cider ever) we spent two hours driving into the mountains, did the  aquarium, and walked a few miles around Gatlinburg, we finally had dinner and went to bed. 
It was the most relaxing, long day I've had in forever.