Monday, December 17, 2012

My first try at Crossfit

I haven't worked out in awhile. I've never been dedicated enough to put a workout over an extra half hour in bed, even though it makes me feel better in the long run. 
Anyway, Josh had invited me to the gym before and finally Saturday I went with him, which meant trying a Crossfit WoD. Josh has been doing Crossfit for the past few months and it was nice that he was able to explain what to do to me, especially since I was nervous. 
It was a pretty simple workout and I think I did well. Made it through 3 rounds in 7 minutes. The rowing machine was not my fav. And Josh attempted to motivate me by telling me I was " trying to get to Ryan Gosling"... Which made me laugh. The next day I was sooo sore! I'm hoping I'll be able to continue working out, just need to find the time. Or get my lazy self out of bed!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Market Date

On our way back home on Sunday we stopped in Columbus. I had never been and Josh knew about a market that was similar to Findlay he had been to a few times.
The market was inside what used to be a paper factory, which is pretty neat.

It was really hard to decide where to pick to eat. We walked around once to look at everything, and if I had been alone I would have gone in a circle a few more times. (I'm a mess like that.)  I went with the place that made their own pasta and had pasta with artichoke and gorgonzola sauce. So good.

And then we had Jeni's ice cream. I've bought her ice cream a few times at Jungle Jim's but it was special to get to try scoops of different flavors. I can't remember all of the flavors we tried (all 5 of them. Ha.) but the sweet potato with toasted marshmallow was wonderful. In fact, I want more right now!

It was a nice stop and break in the middle of our very, very long day. Seriously, longest day ever. Now I need to get Josh to Findlay since he's never been. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is currently 6am and we have been on the road for 3 hours.
I only slept an hour last night and because I can't sleep with noise (the radio. And really it is way too early for Crime In Stereo) and its so dark out that I can't even read on my Kindle.

Driving- to Youngstown. It's the husbands Christmas family party. I have no idea what to expect but am hoping to have fun. Or at least not be cranky.

Reading- The Night Circus. I've eyeballed this one at Target quite a few times ( I'm drawn to books by their cover. Sue me) and finally remembered to charge my Kindle so I could buy it.

Excited about- my new car! We purchased a new Santa Fe and I actually like driving now. Though Josh does whenever we go somewhere together. Don't worry, I'm still lost all the time.

Late night anxiety- making a decision about my job future. I've had back and forth arguments with myself, if I love working with children and I love young children, then I can be happy anywhere, right? Wrong. Now I need to figure out what's next...

Oh and planning for Christmas. My family keeps asking me for a wish list or ideas. I'm horrible at asking for things. Unless one of them wants to clean my house for me...Then my sister would clear my closet! Haha

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Thankful Post

Oooh here you are post that saved instead of posting and doesn't have any pictures! Wonderful to see you. Good to know I'm still thankful for all things below...

A few things I'm feeling especially grateful and thankful for this year...
-Becoming a wife. Our quick decision to get married before he left for basic training may not have been how I originally thought it would happen, but whenever has life gone how I planned? (Hint: never!) Marriage isn't easy, but its wonderful. Don't tell him I said that.
-My new family. Josh has given me a mother in law, a sister, a brother, and an aunt. They've gone out of their way to make me feel loved.
- Allison moving home. I've known her my whole entire life. She takes care of me and is number one whenever I have an emergency. I look to her for advice, guidance, and for the best home made meals. Seriously. She can cook. *Bonus that she gave me Paighton, who I love dearly **Double bonus. We will be welcoming a little man this spring. I can't wait to meet him!
-Elyse. Not only is she the smartest and most hilarious young lady I know, this girl finishes collage and joins the peace corps. She left in October to spend the next 2 1/2 years in Ghana. Her big heart amazes me. Learning about life in Africa really puts all of my silly problem into perspective, and makes me thankful for little things.
-My mom. She is kind, silly, and oh so wonderful. I'm so lucky to have a friendship with her and even more so that I can call her mom. Plus watching her dance is hilarious, she's good for that, too.
-H&M. I've babysat these two for just over 5 years. Forever. The other night M asked me if I had any kids (a question he has asked me since being able to ask questions) I told him no, of course he knows I do not. He thought a moment and say "Yeah kinda, Ash. You kinda got kids because you got us." And I died from the adorableness.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night after Paighton's indoor soccer game and dinner, we made our way over to Germania.
Allison wanted to go to Chrismakindlmarkt, and I had no idea what she was talking about, but a craft fair with food? I'm game.

Here is a crappy phone picture of inside. There were German toys, cuckoo-clocks, ornaments, lace table cloths, and the most adorable nut crackers I've ever seen. The large one that looked like the rat king made my heart melt. But he was too expensive. I'll be wishing I would have gotten him anyway.
Paighton and I had hot chocolates. Even though the area was covered with heaters, I was still freezing. As aways. Allison and I grabbed some pastries to go. HUGE cream puffs and also an apple strudel that I meant to share with Josh, but I forgot when I snuck a bite this morning after breakfast, then ending up finishing the whole thing. Whoops.
Not sure why I had never been to Germania before, probably because I'm always (always) working (ugh!), but I'm glad we did.
Can't wait to go to more Christmas fairs with my BFF!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A honeymoon, 6 months after pt.2

Our second morning started with a long walk to donuts and coffee. And me forcing Josh to let me take pictures of him. I kept saying "I need your picture or it ruins our vacation!" He eventually let me, since I let him take pictures of me like this. The bear was very frightened.
We made it to the first tram ride in Ober Gatlinburg, which was beautiful. 
The day I was packing Josh made sure I knew to bring warm clothes and reminded me that I wouldn't have fun if I was cold (I'm ALWAYS cold). Well both days it was sunny and in the 70s and I was sweating. And I had nothing but thermals, sweaters, cords, knee high socks, and boots. Womp.
Somehow this guy talked me into getting into the creek. 
The leaves were the brightest and most colorful I've ever seen! 

After our lunch and walk in the creek we were driving and saw a dog trying to cross a busy street.We pulled over and a sweet puppy came right over to us. He wasn't wearing a collar so I called a non-emergancy police department number who connected me with a no kill shelter called PetsWithout Parents. When we got there we discovered the dog ( who we nicknamed "Charlie") had 
a chip, but it had not been registered. Apparently a lot of dogs are not and not much can be done if
they are ever lost :(  Since Charlie was still there when we left, we stopped and brought him a toy, 
took him on a walk, and donated some money wishing we could do more. 
I hope that our little puppy friend finds his family, Josh hopes that he will be able to go back and 
pick him up. So I really hope he finds his family!

Monday morning we had another trip into the mountains. And a stop (the third stop, my husband is obsessed) to buy cider and caramel apples for home. 
I think it was great that we finally had time just for us for a few days since he left this week for training.  Can't wait for the next vacation already!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A honeymoon, 6 months after pt.1

                                 Well... we finally took a few days to spend time together.
And being that it was our first trip since getting married, 6 months after getting married, a mini honeymoon?
Josh and I drove (ok, he drove) ... to Gatlinburg, not getting there until super late Friday night. We woke up early (I woke first and pestered him awake, as usual) and started the morning with a walk to Flapjack's and I tried the s'mores pancakes. So much sugar. And I loved drinking from the mason jars.

We went to the outlet mall ( J.Crew factory, woo!) and made it to an exotic petting zoo. Which had mostly regular petting zoo guys, but some odd ones also. I was pretty tickled by the whole thing and Josh took pictures of me the whole time giggling. 

Camels, horses, ponies, donkey, zebra, zonkey (?!), emus, goats, pigs, reindeer, and a few others.
I loved that zebra and Josh was pretty excited about the kangroo. Who looked super furry and cuddly, but was not into getting his picture taken.
After lunch at AppleBarn (best apple cider ever) we spent two hours driving into the mountains, did the  aquarium, and walked a few miles around Gatlinburg, we finally had dinner and went to bed. 
It was the most relaxing, long day I've had in forever. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


      I've worked so much the past few weeks that I'm just plain exhausted. Being in a brand new school with toddlers, my work for the day is never really over and there is never any time to catch up. There's always a toy to clean, a new assessment to do, a lesson plan to write, diapers to check, a child to hug... ok so maybe the hugging part isn't too bad. 
But there is a lot of snot. So. Much. Snot.
I'm hoping that my room gets a third person soon so that my days are 'normal' again. I had such a nice summer eating and hanging out that I'd like some time to do it with my husband especially since (here it comes...) its almost fall! Bring on the pumpkin, please! Oh, and corduroy pants.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I feel so lost when I'm not able to look directly at a calendar when talking about future plans. I was told long ago that my ADD affects the way my brain manages time and it would always be a struggle. Well, it is.
So in order for me to remember things, I find myself telling people I know will remind me. Example being the bridal shower, for a wedding that I am in, was today. Thank goodness Allison remembered.
I try to use my iPhone, but I dont care for the way it's set up and planners have always helped.
I spent too many days looking before finally purchasing this pretty one from Target. On sale too :) It may be silly, but I love writing in a fresh new book.
I made sure to write the wedding date inside also, just in case!

Monday, August 20, 2012

New School

Today is my first official day at my new building. Everything inside is brand new, as well as this being the first time many of the children in the area will be in a school setting, but with some of my co-workers from my last location.
I really, reeeaally did not want to start here. It's not that I don't love toddlers, I do. I just never had this in my plans. So here I am, with what may be first day jitters, wondering why I got out of bed, yet knowing I'll be ok. Just need to give myself time to adjust and see how it goes.
And on a good note, I do love that they kept this building original architecture on the outside. The eagles and lions around the outside are awesome. See...I'm finding reasons to make myself like it already!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

He's home!

That husband of mine is home! I left Tuesday night with his mom and aunt for the 8 1/2 hour drive to MO. I honestly don't travel very well. I wiggle, get headaches, feel sick, feel exhausted... But maybe I was too excited to care?
Wednesday morning was family day. It was a little strange not seeing him for 5 months then all of a sudden he was in front of me, dressed up and shaved face. Ah, and the rules that we weren't allowed to hug long or hold hands was the worst! Even so, we had a nice lunch and spent the day together. He showed us the museum, shopping centers, and where he had trained. I had no idea it would be so big!
I could not sleep at all that night and was so happy when it was finally Thursday and time for graduation. I didn't cry, but when he introduced me to all of his buddies and drill sergeants, they all had so many nice things to say, I was blown away. He was so dedicated and helpful and hard working the whole time he was there. I'm so proud of him!
About 30 minutes after leaving we stopped, and after changing into jeans at a gas station, I finally got a big hug and kiss and then cried like a baby.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Look what I did

I had a pair of pants given to me a few years ago. The fabric and print were so lovely that, even though the pants were not at all my style, I couldn't bear to get rid of them. Plus $90 pants from Anthropologie, with the tags still on... I just kept them.
Since getting my new dresser, I have been going through my and husband's clothes and closets. I almost feel as though I'm nesting. Ha. So I found these pants by elevenses and it popped in my head to cut them!
The sewing job I did is pretty horrific, but then again I don't really know how to sew! Might have to get a more capable person to tidy them up... But I do think they turned out pretty cute!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Flew By

This month is a blur. I have been so busy and so not busy all at the same time. The first week started out with a minor car accident, which ended up with only a dent in my husband's car, but I had horrible back pain for over a week. Slightly scary, but it feels ok now.

I did a lot of house watching and doggy sitting this month... Dogs that moved and wiggled.

I seem to be getting tattooed every July... 
My baby cousin Nicholas turned 1! He's so handsome.
Brunch at Melt. I know this isn't food, its Elinor. But she's pretty tasty. 
She is beautiful and perfect in every way.
Josh had flowers delivered to me at work! It was a few days before my birthday, but the kids in my classroom were super excited and spent the afternoon smelling them as they walked by.
July 4th breakfast with Elyse. Who said it was too early for pictures.
Birthday drinks.
Super into yellow lately. Which I used to never even like. 
But a bright yellow chair with chevron?! An ombre antique dresser?!
Yes, please and thank you.
Visit to Washington Park. It was the perfect sunny but not too hot day. 

Being the clumsy girl I am, I tore a ligament after stepping on a tennis ball last week. The foot has been bruised and looks horrible, which has been making getting around a little hard. 

A letter from addressed to me from Hogwarts.
 Green ink and signed by McGonagall and everything! I geeked out big time.
My birthday means I'm officially 27. Strange how each year seems to go faster then the last. I'm glad I spent it with my closest friends (Whoops Caitlin, I didn't get a picture of you! Ellie looks enough like you though) and my mom. Boy, did I eat more desserts than I should have! 
Only 18 more days until I'll be with Josh again. Can't wait to see where my 27th year takes me!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't bug me

i scored a zara tank from snooty fox yesterday, as well as some other adorable items. love how i only go to look and then end up finding things i can't part with. this has little bugs on it, and the bright kelly green i'm loving lately. what color do i not love these days? 
i painted a tray orange this past weekend. i've always had a dislike for orange, but it suddenly has grown on me so much the past few months. funny how tastes change. 
and skin thickness.
now that i am writing to Josh daily, it gives me reason to reflect on decisions i made that day, conversations i had, mostly food i ate. i love knowing how adult i feel now. odd how being married makes a difference. i'm still shy, somewhat panicked and unsure when dealing with confrontation, but i find myself handling it in a way a younger me would be proud of. unfortunately this skill has been used at work and with my family recently, but i'm ok with that. i keep reminding myself i'm an adult and i can be kind and make my voice heard. even though my ears are always incredibly red after.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Butterfly Show and Friday night...

      Before we knew that the dates had been extended for this years' butterfly show, Allison and i made plans to go. i had been on a field trip outside all day and was hot and exhausted but i had fun. Spent awhile relaxing on the bench just watching. They had changed the rules a bit, they encourage you to only try to get the butterfly on the paper flower provided, so there were many more butterflies than anytime i've ever gone. Guess not so many people touching them helped.
Friday Paighton and I went to the Farmer's Market at Harvest Home (bought natural bug spray, hope it works!) and let Pai ride rides at the festival next door. She choose sushi for dinner, seriously never has there been a child who gobbles that stuff so quickly, then she finally got me to take her to putt putt golf. i had fun, and i'm horrible at it. Our scores we pretty close. Ha.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of May

I've been trying to French braid my hair, I'm getting better. Sorta kinda?
My name is officially changed everywhere except on my driver's license. I'll get there.
I bought the bright green sandals from J Crew I've been eyeing for weeks. They were on sale so I let myself. They are the cutest and most painful shoes I've ever worn. Muppet band aides to the rescue.

Spent the day setting up the summer classroom and had a meet and greet with families. Fingers are crossed the summer goes well!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Weekend

i know today is a day to remember, and boy was i happy that the husband got an extra phone call! but today was all about doing nothing, not wearing a bra, and watching what had to be at least 14 episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

My family doesn't do anything as far as cookouts so i made vegan french toast with raspberries for dinner. which is maybe the second time i've cooked in the 9 weeks since that husband of mine has left.
Woo for finally having a lazy day :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Trying to make time for myself to relax and buy little things that make me happy. Like anything with polka dots...
Dreaming up color schemes for a future house. Hopefully soon. I walk by this house trimmed in mint with a matching door and always pause to admire it...
Starting a scrapbook of our wedding day and trying to figure out how to put in my congratulation cards...
And finishing up good-bye books to the children. Only 9 days left...