Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is currently 6am and we have been on the road for 3 hours.
I only slept an hour last night and because I can't sleep with noise (the radio. And really it is way too early for Crime In Stereo) and its so dark out that I can't even read on my Kindle.

Driving- to Youngstown. It's the husbands Christmas family party. I have no idea what to expect but am hoping to have fun. Or at least not be cranky.

Reading- The Night Circus. I've eyeballed this one at Target quite a few times ( I'm drawn to books by their cover. Sue me) and finally remembered to charge my Kindle so I could buy it.

Excited about- my new car! We purchased a new Santa Fe and I actually like driving now. Though Josh does whenever we go somewhere together. Don't worry, I'm still lost all the time.

Late night anxiety- making a decision about my job future. I've had back and forth arguments with myself, if I love working with children and I love young children, then I can be happy anywhere, right? Wrong. Now I need to figure out what's next...

Oh and planning for Christmas. My family keeps asking me for a wish list or ideas. I'm horrible at asking for things. Unless one of them wants to clean my house for me...Then my sister would clear my closet! Haha

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  1. Have fun! If need anyone to talk to about your work situation call me!