Thursday, December 6, 2012

Market Date

On our way back home on Sunday we stopped in Columbus. I had never been and Josh knew about a market that was similar to Findlay he had been to a few times.
The market was inside what used to be a paper factory, which is pretty neat.

It was really hard to decide where to pick to eat. We walked around once to look at everything, and if I had been alone I would have gone in a circle a few more times. (I'm a mess like that.)  I went with the place that made their own pasta and had pasta with artichoke and gorgonzola sauce. So good.

And then we had Jeni's ice cream. I've bought her ice cream a few times at Jungle Jim's but it was special to get to try scoops of different flavors. I can't remember all of the flavors we tried (all 5 of them. Ha.) but the sweet potato with toasted marshmallow was wonderful. In fact, I want more right now!

It was a nice stop and break in the middle of our very, very long day. Seriously, longest day ever. Now I need to get Josh to Findlay since he's never been. 

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