Monday, December 17, 2012

My first try at Crossfit

I haven't worked out in awhile. I've never been dedicated enough to put a workout over an extra half hour in bed, even though it makes me feel better in the long run. 
Anyway, Josh had invited me to the gym before and finally Saturday I went with him, which meant trying a Crossfit WoD. Josh has been doing Crossfit for the past few months and it was nice that he was able to explain what to do to me, especially since I was nervous. 
It was a pretty simple workout and I think I did well. Made it through 3 rounds in 7 minutes. The rowing machine was not my fav. And Josh attempted to motivate me by telling me I was " trying to get to Ryan Gosling"... Which made me laugh. The next day I was sooo sore! I'm hoping I'll be able to continue working out, just need to find the time. Or get my lazy self out of bed!

1 comment:

  1. Go Ash! I can't imagine you doing it and not giggling the whole time.