Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013- a little list

I've never been one to have a "new year's resolution"... I start things such as working out again the beginning of December (just like this year) and trying to stick to eating better several times a month, etc.  

The past few days I've tried to come up with a few goals for myself and even tried to take notes of ideas in my planner. ( I got as far as titling the top of the page though. So that was something) So here's a try at typing some goals.

1. Continue Crossfit. At least stick with it until I can have enough journal entries to see results and decide how I feel. Right now, I feel sore. Its a good sore though. And that leads to a few specific 'fitness goals'
     1a. Be able to do a pull up. Right now I can barely with 2 bands assisting me.
     1b. Push ups without knees
2. Spend as much time with that husband as I can in the next 12 (gulp, only 12??) weeks before he deploys. Which includes a vacation. Which we can't really afford right now, but its easier to pay off credit cards when he's not around anyway.
We've been discussing Florida, maybe Texas, or Tennessee again. This is truly just a list of places he'd like to live and wants to talk me into moving to. Ha.

3. Get more sleep. Drink more water.  I looove coffee. I would inject it into my veins if I could. But I'm trying to force myself into seeing it as a special treat and get sufficient rest and good ol' H2O instead. So far I've had close to a gallon every day this week. #bathroombreaksgalore

4. Plan out meals/cook more. Heck, maybe, just maaaybe plan out what I want to make for dinner before I go to the grocery. And keep going to the farmer's markets!

5. Find out who Gossip Girl is. Seriously! I'm in the middle of season 3 and my friend just told me I'll find out on the very last episode. And then figure out which show I'll watch next!

So thats all I have for the start of 2013. Hope to make it a good (and fast one!)


  1. Dave totally called gossip girl! I had no clue. Also come visit Boston! I heard it's nice

    1. My guess was Dorota, but she said no ... I've starting playing episodes on my Netflix app to listen to while driving , just to get through them faster. I'm a maniac