Monday, January 21, 2013

Today was... Emotional

Never have I wished an off day to be over. They come few and far between, but I was ready to end this day. I woke up early, Josh had made me breakfast, which was lovely of him but I didn't enjoy it. I eat eggs now, but sometimes I can't. I get halfway through and am done. Happens with bananas, too, and other foods. Whatever. And then my husband and I argued. Not over the egg situation, of course. But over opinions on something neither of us will change. 
I spent the next few hours doing house work and trying to finish turning the table cloths I purchased into curtains, but couldn't find the rings anywhere. 
Shortly before noon, driving to the gym, light flurries turned thick, like fog, and my car began to slide on what did not seem like an icy highway. Cars all around me were sliding off the road and swerving. I saw on the other side, going east, the beginnings of what turned out to be a 85 car pile up. I was shaken and crying, feeling so grateful that my new car kept me from going out of control.
At the gym, I hugged Josh, forgetting about the morning, and tried to focus on my workout. I was feeling pretty good at first, I'm up to 55 on my push press (where I was only at 20lbs 2 weeks ago) and ready to push myself. Not what happened. After just a few pull ups I felt my body begging me to give up, and that was only part of the WoD. I finished, with Josh and John cheering me on, but was a wreck and crying again at the end. I cried at the gym. Boooo. 
I was feeling pretty crappy at that point, but thankfully the next part was iced coffee. And baby snuggles. A friend from work invited me to meet her not yet 3 week old babe and goodness it was just what I needed. She farted on me and refused to burp after her bottle, but I was happy to hold her. 
My emotions are hopefully settled for the day now and I can get a good nights sleep. Except I had that afternoon coffee. Crap. 

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  1. That baby is adorable! I'm sorry you had a bad day. Baby snuggles make everything better. I wish Elinor would snuggle with me but she's too busy.