Friday, January 4, 2013

Festival of Lights

In the 6 winters Josh and I have been together we always say we'll make it to the zoo's Festival of Lights... and then don't.
This year he asked me if we could take H & M on a night I was babysitting them anyway.
We got there before it was dark and pretty empty. I purchased the reusable cups for hot chocolate and H said "it was the best hot chocolate ever!"

We rode the carousel and the train and made it all the way to the other side of the zoo when I realized it was getting close to leaving time and the zoo was packed. It took us forever to get back to where we parked, both children decided they couldn't walk anymore, and while I can usually carry them both at the same time (even at 4 & 6 years old!) my legs we so sore from the gym, that walking myself was hard enough.

I was exhausted and kinda cranky and the kids were hanging on by a thread when we finally made it back, but Josh talked me into s'mores and suddenly we were all happy again. Thanks chocolate. 
After making back to H & M's house and putting them to bed, Josh took a little nap himself until their parents got home. And taking pictures of him sleeping is my favorite thing. 

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